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Managing the Menopause with Acupuncture – 20th April 2024

Saturday April 20th 2024 @ 10 am to 5 pm £110

With Paul Johnson

This one day course covers the main complaints and complications that women may face during the menopause. Commonly encountered symptoms are explained and explored in terms of TCM treatments with reference to both historical sources and contemporary research. This course is suitable for

• Third year students and recent graduates who do not yet have much experience of this area

• More experienced practitioners who may already be treating these issues but who would like to deepen their knowledge (a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine is essential)

Course Outline

An Introduction to the Menopause • Menopause Facts and Figures • Western Medical Explanation of the Menopause • Medically Induced Menopause • Cultural Differences • Hormone Replacement Therapy • The TCM of HRT

Underlying TCM Concepts • TCM Aetiology and Pathology • The Seven Year Cycles • Jing, Tian gui, Ren and Chong mai • Aetiology and Lifestyle Factors

Most Commonly Encountered TCM Patterns • Differentiation and Treatment

Menopause Related Conditions • Hot Flushes • Interrupted Sleep and Night Sweats • Anxiety, Depression and Altered Moods • Urinary conditions • Vaginal Atrophy, Vulvodynia • Weight Gain • Shoulder Pain • Osteoporosis

Previous attendees to Paul’s courses say: • “An excellent summary of the menopause from the Chinese Medicine standpoint and also including valuable research references and Western medical info.” • ” An insightful summary of the challenges of treating patients going through the menopause. One of the only succinct collections of TCM, biomedicine and current research ideas on the menopause available in one day to my knowledge!” • “Clear, informative notes, interesting facts and research article links. Very enjoyable day!”

Paul Johnson LicAc, MBAcC, LicOHM, MRCHM, BA (Hons), PGCertLTHE, AHEA, AFN he has taught acupuncture for 22 years and has a special interest in treating women’s health issues.

Learning will be supported throughout with case studies.

For more information and to book, please contact



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