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PETER DEADMAN Event -Saturday 14th October 2023: Qigong for the five Zang

Qigong for the five Zang with Peter Deadman

Saturday 14th October 2023 – £60

This one day course will teach a series of five practices to harmonise and strengthen the function of the Kidney, Lung, Spleen, Liver and Heart. Drawing on the five animal frolics and the eight silken movements form (Baduanjin), we will work with the channels, organs and their associated emotional and psychological states.

Alongside this we will spend ample time exploring the cultivation (neigong - = internal skill) of body, breath and mind which gives depth and meaning to qigong practice.

This day is especially suitable for Chinese medicine practitioners with knowledge of the Zangfu and channels, but is open to everyone, although reasonable fitness is advisable.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and soft flat-soled shoes.

Following the day, participants will get free access to a comprehensive online video course to make continued practice easier.

Peter Deadman has worked in the field of Chinese medicine and health education for over fifty years. He brings a deep knowledge of Chinese medicine into the teaching and practice of qigong.

Cost: £60.00 Per Person

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