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Student Clinic Booking Information and Cancellation Policy


The Student Clinic Acupuncture Appointments

These appointments are in our multi-bedded Student Clinic, in a curtained cubicle. Your Student Practitioner will perform your treatment. Your Student Practitioner may be male or female*. The fully qualified Supervisor or Clinician, who may be male or female*, might also come into your cubicle to confirm the Student Practitioner’s diagnosis. On rare occasions, there may be one or two further Students on Clinical Observation training days, who may be male or female*

*Please note
Our Patients are welcome to request either a male or a female Student Practitioner, but all bookings are made on the basis that we cannot ever guarantee that this is possible.

Consequently, all Patients must agree to be seen by a male or female Student Practitioner, and/or a male or female Supervisor/Clinician/Observation Student.

Please note that our Student Clinic is on the 2nd floor. There is no passenger lift in our building.

For your safety, appointments will be managed in order to allow for sanitising the treatment cubicles between Patients.

The Student Clinic appointment costs are:
£20.00 per treatment
£15.00 for concessions (Retired/Unemployed/Student - please bring evidence of eligibility to your first appointment)

Payments are accepted by debit card or cash.

We are not able to accept credit card payments for Acupuncture or Tui Na appointments.

Please note that your first appointment with us will last approximately 90-145 minutes, as you will go through the full Initial Consultation. Follow-up appointments will take approximately 70-90 minutes.

Acupuncture requires a Patient to remove or loosen various items of clothing, but your modesty will be preserved at all times with the use of screens whilst you are changing, and only the area being treated will be exposed.

Tui Na treatments are usually performed on fully clothed Patients, but ancillary treatments such as Gua Sha or Cupping will involve loosening/removing clothing as mentioned above.

Our Student Clinics do not provide towels to cover Patients during treatments. We are able to place some of the disposable paper treatment couch roll over our Patients, so if you feel you might prefer to use a towel/shawl/pashmina during your treatment, please do bring your own towel/shawl/pashmina with you to your appointment, if you wish.


Acupuncture Appointment Bookings - Number of appointments allowed per Patient

  • All our Patients are very welcome to have an appointment every week from now until July 2024, should you wish to, subject to availability.

  • All Patients are welcome to book up to 4 advance appointments at a time. You are welcome to book your second batch of 4 appointments when it comes towards the end of the first batch of 4 appointment dates, and so on.

  • All Patients are welcome to have a maximum of 8 appointments with the same Student Practitioner. After those 8 appointments, our Patients will be transferred to a different Student Practitioner, as it is an integral part of their training that our Student Practitioners treat a wide variety of Patients with different ailments.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that our Student Clinic appointments are always very popular. Therefore, we have a minimum 24-hour advance cancellation policy.

If you book an appointment, and you find that you are unable to attend, please email us immediately to cancel at and we will then be able to offer your appointment to a waiting list Patient.

If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, or you are a ‘No-Show’ Patient, as you do not turn up for your appointment, please be aware that we will charge the full amount as a cancellation charge.

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