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Tui Na Admissions


The City College Tui Na courses have been designed to create fantastic practitioners. Don’t be put off by thinking that you require any previous specialist training – we will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional therapist.

If you want to study Tui Na from scratch as you do not have an existing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) qualification, your course will last two years.

If you have an existing degree-level Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) qualification, your course will only last one year.


The City College 2 Year Tui Na course

Our entry requirements are:

  • Appropriate life experience or 120 points at ‘A’ level

  • No previous practitioner experience or science qualifications are required

You may want to study Tui Na massage as a career change and may not have previous academic qualifications. This need not be a barrier to becoming a successful practitioner! Our in-depth interview techniques will be able to establish if you are suitable to enrol on our course.

At interview we will be looking for your commitment to the subject, your ability to study in Higher Education, your life experiences and how you have built upon them, and your ability with people. The areas that we will discuss with you during your interview include:

The areas that we will discuss with you during your interview include:

Home Study – studying any form of Chinese Medicine takes commitment
• Are you going to be able to set aside 10 – 15 hours per week for home study?
• Do you have access to the internet and IT skills appropriate to this level of study?
• Will you be able to attend 80% of normal lectures plus 100% of the designated clinical hours? There are no exemptions from the clinical hours.

Practical work – Tui Na is a practical skill and students acquiring these skills will need to participate in being models and working with other students
• Will you be able to undress (behind towels) down to your underwear in some classes so that other students can locate acupoints and anatomy on you?
• Will you be able to practice skills on your classmates such as cupping?
• Will you be able to work on both males and females?

Practitioner development – you will be studying to become a therapist and to work with people in a respectful and appropriate manner
• Are you fluent in English?
• Is there anything that might prevent you from joining a professional register after completing your studies, such as a criminal record, alcohol and drug dependency issues or mental health issues?
• Are you aware that studying to be a practitioner will involve self-reflection? That you may be asked to examine who you are and what motivates you, and at times this may make take you out of your normal comfort zone?

The City College 1 Year Tui Na course

Qualified Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners can typically complete the CCA Tui Na course in just one year.

If you have qualified from a BAAB-accredited college, or if you are in Year 2 at a BAAB-accredited college, on production of your qualification certificate and/or your transcripts, we will confirm that your knowledge of TCM is enough to undertake training on our one-year Tui Na course.

If you are studying at, or have qualified from, a non-BAAB accredited college, you may be required to undergo a process known as RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning.  During the RPL process, it may be necessary to assess your depth of TCM understanding, as we are unable to accept students onto the course who have not studied TCM in sufficient depth.

Please note that we are a selective college. We cap our class sizes so we may not offer you a place if we think you are not a good fit for our course.

For more information, please refer to:

If you want to study something you can immerse yourself in and become passionate about, then studying with us is what you are looking for!


Please give us a call on 020 7253 1133 or drop us an email at  

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