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CCA: It’s all about the clinical experience!

The City College of Acupuncture (CCA) course is delivered in a blended way, integrating practical hands-on experience and interactive teaching with the use of modern technology.

Practical subjects such as acupuncture are best taught in an interactive way in small groups. With a high proportion of clinical experience right from day one you will quickly become immersed in the philosophy behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). After just a few weeks you will get opportunities for close-up observation of highly experienced acupuncturists treating patients, and you will start developing your own needling skills in just over two months of study!

All of our teaching staff are also practitioners, engaged in the practice of acupuncture on a day-to-day basis. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, they deliver the course with an eclectic teaching style that combines a firm understanding of contemporary scientific research with the wisdom of the Chinese medical classics.

We love what we do and will be happy to answer every question we can that you ask. We teach this subject because we are passionate about transferring the essence of Chinese Medicine to our students. Some colleges teach in a ‘watch and learn’ manner but we are happy for you to ask as many questions as you need to! We make sure that you develop a thorough understanding of Chinese medicine in all of its complexities.

Our Acupuncture course is accredited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board (BAAB) which guarantees excellence in training, safe practice and professional conduct. BAAB accredited courses are taught at honours degree level. Graduating from a BAAB accredited institution makes you eligible to join the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the largest registering body for Traditional Acupuncturists in the UK.

Studying Chinese Medicine is a life-long and life-changing experience. It is exciting and challenging, but also enormously empowering. Let us guide you on your own journey to becoming a successful and unique practitioner.

Are you ready to embrace a whole new way of looking at health and illness? Call us on 020 7253 1133, or drop us an email at

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