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Student Support

Studying acupuncture isn’t an easy option. It is hard – but it is also incredibly exciting and rewarding. You may find some elements of the course challenging, so we will make sure that you have all the support you need, both academic and pastoral.


Your Support Inside CCA

Academic Tutorials

You will receive academic tutorials for each subject you study where you will be able to clarify and deepen your understanding of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Our teachers are all very approachable and will be happy to go the extra mile to make sure that you don’t fall behind in your studies. 


Personal Tutors

You will also be assigned a personal tutor who you can contact if there are any personal issues complicating your life that may be interfering with your studies. Your personal tutor is concerned with your overall path through the programme and will be able to offer one-to-one advice with any problems you are experiencing. Your contact with your personal tutor can be kept confidential unless you give us permission to act on your behalf to help your situation.


Open Door Policy

At CCA we operate an open-door policy and we feel it is important that our students feel they can talk to us. If you need to speak to anyone, you always have access to our office team, Programme Leader, Director of Studies and Director, all of whom have many years experience of helping students fulfil their dreams of training in a new subject. We will always do our best to help you out.


Support After Graduation

We will always be happy to welcome you back after you have qualified. If you would like to re-attend a particular lesson because you missed it for some reason or would just like to brush up on your TCM knowledge, we are happy for you to sit in on it as long as there is room in the class.

Your Support Outside CCA

BAcC Student Website

Our Acupuncture students get automatic access to the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) student website which boasts among its features free access to current and back issues of Acu (the BAcC membership magazine), online access to articles and research, discussion forums, expert advice on research, setting up your business and safe practice, and tips on writing your dissertation.


The Journal of Chinese Medicine Article Archive

 As we have an institutional subscription to The Journal of Chinese Medicine, our students have access to the journal’s extensive article archive, hundreds of which can be downloaded free of charge.

Council Tax Discount

Our Acupuncture students attend what qualifies as a full-time course which means you may be able to apply for a discount on your Council Tax.

Student Oystercard

Being a full-time student also allows you to apply for a Student Oystercard which will save you 30% on weekly, monthly or annual travel passes for use on the London Underground, buses, some local train routes and trams.


CCA Student Card

Your CCA Student Card will also make you eligible to join a student discount scheme called Unidays, which negotiates discounts with many different retailers.

In addition to discounts for travel, many cinemas, book shops and other shops give discounts to students who can prove they are a student.

Happy students make for better learners, so come and join us. We love what we do, and we want you to love it too! Why not call us now 020 7253 1133 or email

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